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Welcome to Quantum Reality: Virtual worlds of imaginary particles: The dreams stuff is made of: Life, the eternal ghost in the machine...
This site is dedicated to the quest for knowledge and wisdom, through science, mathematics, philosophy, invention, and technology. 
May the treasures buried herein spark the fires of imagination like the twinkling jewels of celestial light crowning the midnight sky...

Quantum Mechanics is derivable from Special Relativity
See QM from SR-Simple RoadMap

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Advanced Programmer/Analyst (Senior Software Engineer) with very strong background in development using a wide variety of programming tools in many application environments and languages.
Can program anything that a client might want.  Incredibly strong in mathematics-related and science-related programming.

Senior IT Professional/Senior Software Developer/IT Consultant
Anything in Mathematics/Science/Programming

Qualifications of a REAL programmer:
Make an interactive graphics program that will run on any Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP/etc.) environment and is less than 1KB in size. Click here.
Make Javascript do interactive graphics ... without waiting forever .... Click here or click here or click here.
Make a program which doesn't crash when you take the square root of -1 or the arc_sine of 2. Click here.
Make a program which will decrypt a world-class (CIA level) cipher automatically using a generic algorithm. Click here.
Make a program which demonstrates a variety of encryption styles and famous ciphers. Click here.
Make a program which will generate all verb tenses in all (1st,2nd,3rd-person, singular & plural) given a single word ... in a foreign language...  Click here.
Make your websites appear on the 1st pages of impartial (non-paid) Google WebSearches despite global competition. (That's my secret!)
IE is the preferred browser for the web-based programs above.

Try Google: 4-Vectors, Ambigram Wonders, Fractal Wonders, Javascript Ciphers, Javascript Graphics, Kryptos Sculpture, Physics Frontiers, RPN Scientific Calculator, RuneQuest Cipher, Science Realm, Scientific Pantheist Poetry, Sums of Powers of Integers, FHS Supply, Model Fuels, Superior Racing Oils, SmokeLess Oil, etc. - You will find me on the first page, and usually near or at the top...

Contact Info:
local to Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas (or tele-commute)

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
BS Physics - 1991
MS Physics - 1993
PhD Physics - 90% completed
GPA 3.8 (Dean's List)
minors in Mathematics, Computing, Sci-Tech Philosophy

Professional Experience:
Self-Employed, OnTheWeb

Wrote, sold, and supported shareware programs internationally- graphics 1990-1995
primarily HIDIMG autostereogram program, still available on sites such as the Simtel legacy DOS file repository
Creator/designer/administrator of the RuneQuest Cipher Challenge 2004-Present
Online Tutoring - Science / Mathematics / Programming 2004-2006

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA
Physics Teaching/Laboratory Head Assistant 1992-1995
Maintained all laboratory equipment for basic physics labs, etc.

FHS Supply & Manufacturing, Inc., Clover SC

Head of all Computer Services and Co-General Manager 1995-2008
various general small business programming apps inc.
(database, spreadsheet, word processing, financial stuff, website design, advertising graphics, computer security, cross-communication, networking, data backup, etc.)

Totally rewrote previous business database system, from a DOS-based environment, to a Windows-based environment, implementing Visual dBase as the primary application builder
*translation* trashed the tangled nightmare left by a previous programmer and rewrote entire system from scratch into a clean, fully integrated, properly functioning business database system
Created functionality including customized order entry and processing; automated invoicing, freight bills-of-lading, shipping and product labeling; shipment tracing, etc.
Created enhanced functionality with time-of-order, on-screen customer info, both for data verification and for customer convenience
Created built-in HazMat (hazardous materials) coding and cross-checking for full compliance with UN and DOT Hazmat regulations
Created automated box packaging system for most efficient packing of various products in various packaging, (bottles, cans, boxes, drums, crates, pallets, etc.)
Created and customized several data-mining fields for maximization of customer statistical information and analysis
Created automated accounts receivable tracking and inventory counting systems
Created program for automated product costing and pricing, as well as chemical mixture ratios, weights, viscosities, etc.
Created programs for chemical tank configuration and liquid product measurement, for statistical analysis and flow routing
Created program for improved time card entry and retention for payroll accounting
Created programs for chemical analysis and mixing ratios
Created programs for credit card validation and verification
Created program for finding optimal freight shipping services for various products
Created bridging software between main database and:
  Web-based encrypted order retrieval system, product costing & pricing software, UPS Worldship program and UPS pricing charts, UPS Hazmat program, Global PC credit card batch processing,  software, web-based data mining software, bulk-mailing software system
Created advertising graphics and documentation for trade magazines, brochures, flyers, mailers, banners, product labeling, and business website
Created advertising graphics using vector graphics, bitmapped graphics, 3D-rendering, animated graphics, etc. in various formats .BMP .CDR .GIF .JPG .PNG .TIF, etc.
Created, updated, and maintained entire business website using primarily FrontPage and NotePad, as well as various graphics programs
Business website is large network of hyper-linked information resources optimized for customer searching
Implemented customer incoming weblink system to enhance search/found probabilities
Business website designed for optimization of search engines such as Google - #1 placement with several relevant keywords and first page placement with more
Website includes multi-media features, links to main distributors, custom-made encrypted order system
Implemented network security features, such as air-barrier database protection, internet firewall, order encryption and obfuscation, as well as physical security procedures
Oversaw all financial software, including all business accounting, vendor and customer tracking, purchase orders, etc.
Oversaw all freight costing programs and selection of best freight routing
Responsible for keeping current on all federal regulations involved in chemical storage, mixing, shipping, labeling, etc. such as web-based MSDS info
Responsible for all data networking, synchronization, backup and storage - implemented timed backup procedure to ROM media for optimal/secure storage
Increased efficiency of product order preparation, inventory control & tracking, package utilization, etc. - essentially technologized the entire manufacturing and shipping system
Oversaw all electronic word documents, email, faxing, and e-document storage

Vision Metering, LLC (formerly Austin International, Inc.), York SC & Belmont, NC
I am the IT Dept. (SysAdmin, DBAdmin, BkUpAdmin, Programmer, Troubleshooter, Installer/Patcher, Researcher, etc.) 2005-Present
Oversee all computer related equipment (software/networking/etc.) for two separate locations (~120 computers over 3 domains)
Responsible for keeping the internet connection online at all times
Responsible for keeping all networks up and running, all computers on the network up and running...
Responsible for introducing new software and maintaining old software, even when such software is no longer officially supported
Responsible for keeping main office application programs functional (i.e. Answer/research questions: How do I do <this> with <MS Office App/Outlook/etc.>?)
Responsible for maintaining/backup/re-design/etc. of MS SQL databases, holding gigabytes of data for 60+ major utility companies, such as (Ameren, BGE, Cinergy, Con-Edison, Duke Energy, Entergy, GA Power, Public Service E&G, VA Power/Dominion, etc.)
Wrote queries to format data of said companies to specified formats and performed quality control  and emailing/encoding/uploading of such data files
Wrote software to:
 Analyze production schedules
 Analyze quality control
 Communicate with various serial-based devices, including calibration boards, barcode scanners, wireless modules, totalizing equipment, PIC programming, electronic meters, etc.
 Communicate with utility mainframe systems
 Read/write/format barcodes
 Encrypt/checksum sensitive data transfer
 Simulate meter dial readings, in order improve read accuracy
 Accept input data of meter information, with special features to reduce bad input
Major programming project: Complete research, design, maintenance, upgrade, etc. software to calibrate gas meters using physics principles employing temperature, barometric pressure, differential pressure, relative humidity, microsecond timing, curve-fitting of internal meter dynamics
Research into alternative office management systems, such as away from Microsoft Office and towards Open Office & Mozilla Thunderbird
Killing computer viruses and quelling infections (sometimes at registry level), sorting mail and junking spam
Updating ODBC connections and mapping networks
Figuring out & troubleshooting Utility-owned software applications with regard to meter programming
Disguising email attachments so that Utility controllers can get their email despite over-zealous IT guardians
Using Google to find answers to various problems
etc. - (There's a new problem/situation just about every day...)

Programming hardware/software and general computer systems since age of 6 my first computer had 4k of RAM memory and used a tape cassette for loading.
Put together my own computer systems (hardware)
Can program anything and any language, currently moderate to expert level on the following and more:
DOS & Windows (including DOS Interrupt programming)
Visual dBase relational database
all MS Office products: Access, FrontPage ,Excel, Money, PowerPoint, Publisher, Word, etc.
Quicken & QuickBooks
CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, Corel Dream3D, POVray, var. other graphics programs
Web Programming - HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, J2EE, CGI, Google/Search placement, etc.
Std. Programming - Assembly, Basic/Quick Basic/Visual Basic, C, C++, Delphi, Epson Printer Language, Fortran, HP RPN Logic, Logo, Pascal, etc.
Science/Math Programming - IDL, Mathematica, Maple, MathCAD, TKsolver
Database programming - dBase (all versions), Access, SQL
Extensive website development knowledge, business & personal
Moderate experience with Oracle & ProC
Write my own programs in various languages to solve various technical problems
Use any other application program with exponentially fast learning curve
Fluent in advanced mathematics, physics, and computing/programming concepts
Adept at troubleshooting and debugging
Excellent analytical and problem-solving ability using advanced mathematical techniques
Write fairly decent poetry, make ambigrams, juggle a little, and ride bikes with my kids
Motorcycling, geocaching, archery, Googling (Search, Images, Maps, Earth/Sky, etc.)

Programming Projects:
Complete design & maintenance of FHS Supply Business Database System & Website since 1995
inc. encrypted order form, Credit Card batch processing and UPS/HazMat shipping cross-communication
The Science Realm website and subpages:
The most comprehensive Science links directory on the Web
Science and mathematics teaching webpages for Kids
Multi-media programming
Fractals, Stereograms, Ray-Tracing, Screen Dazzlers
Turkish Language/Grammar Generator
Cryptography/Encryption/Classical Cryptosystems
Creator/designer/administrator of the RuneQuest Cipher Challenge
var Graphics, inc. JavaScript Graphics
var Mathematics/Science simulations, inc. a JavaScript RPN Scientific Calculator, using Complex Math
var Fun stuff, like a Srabble Score Calculator designed for the Gaston Literary Council
var others not on web - tons of stuff (scientific simulations, graphics, assembly stuff, puzzle solvers, etc.)
Barcode readers/writers
SQL communication DLL
Many serial communication projects
Major work related development: Complete design and coding of Gas Meter Proving software for calibration of Utility owned meters

Major projects by Language:
Access - Duplication of the FHS dBase system for possible future switchover, querys & macros for major Utility data files
Assembly - Interactive Fractal Graphics
C/C++/IDL -  Medical Physics-Cardiac Imaging using SPECT sinogram reconstruction
Corel - Hundreds of Vector/Bitmap/3D rendered/Animated images
DOS Interrupts - Various technical programs, mostly graphics and cryptography based
Epson Printer Language - All business labeling, shipping forms, etc. for FHS Supply, Inc.
Excel - FHS Product Analysis, Costing, Chemical Mixing, Tank Measuring, Time Card Calculation, HTML generation, Scrabble Score Calculator, Meter Data Analysis
Google - Impartial (non-paid) webpage search placement
HTML/Dynamic HTML/CSS/Frontpage - FHS and SciRealm websites and subpages, many with dynamic audio-visual content
Java/J2 - Online AutoStereogram Graphics
Javascript - Interactive Graphics, RPN Scientific Calculator using complex mathematics, Cryptography Code Systems, RuneQuest Cipher Challenge, Turkish Language Grammar Generator
Mathematica - Sums of Powers of Integers, novel general formulation
Outlook - Keep the mail and junk the spam
Pascal/Delphi - Major business resources (meter calibration / barcoding / SQL communication), hundreds of scientific simulations, puzzle solvers, graphics
POVray/TKsolver - Design of elements of an experimental Tokamak fusion power plant, lots of graduate study science simulations
Quickbooks - Complete financial support system for FHS Supply, Inc.
Visual dBase - Relational database system for FHS Supply, Inc.
Word - Bulk mailing database merge

The Science Realm: John's Virtual Sci-Tech Universe
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Quantum Mechanics is derivable from Special Relativity
See QM from SR-Simple RoadMap